A Place of Hope
by Anna Jacobs

A devastating accident is only the start of Emily Mattinson’s troubles . . .

When Emily Mattison falls victim to a near-fatal accident shortly after receiving an unexpected inheritance from a distant cousin, her ruthless nephew George seizes the opportunity to take control of his aunt’s assets. It’s only when Emily reaches The Drover’s Hope, the former pub on the edge of the Lancashire moors, bequeathed to her by her late cousin Penelope, that she begins to feel safe. She also discovers that love can be found in the most unexpected places. But it’s not so easy to escape the clutches of someone as determined as George . . .

Genre: Romance


“Readers will cheer for Jacobs' plucky heroine and this altogether engaging novel”


Anna Jacobs

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Paperback978184751471430th June 2014138 X 216mm224£13.99
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