‘Oh my God,’ Jack said in a faint voice.


‘Do you know who this is? Call nine-one-one.’

‘I’m calling them. Who is it?’

‘Everett Townsend.’ Jack put his ear to the man’s chest. ‘He’s breathing, but it’s really shallow. He’s still alive.’

‘The Supreme Court justice?’

‘That’s right.’

Blow Up
Ellen Crosby

“The first thing you need to know is: we’re not robots. Ken and I have no mechanical parts; we’re totally organic and human from head to toe. We started as babies and developed at the same rate as everybody else, I’m told. We’re just not your general off-the-rack people like everyone else you meet in the street.

We were – how do I explain this – sort of put together rather than born.”

Ukulele of Death