After Melanie
by Gloria Goldreich

Can they start again, or will they lose one another forever?

David and Judith’s fragile marriage is threatened by the sudden death of their beloved thirteen-year-old daughter, Melanie. As they struggle to cope with their loss, they confront bewildering challenges. But instead of turning to each other, they find comfort with others.

David is drawn to Nancy, a colleague and single mother, and a survivor of her own personal tragedy, while Judith grows close to Jeffrey, a recently widowed physician whom she meets through her volunteer work at a thrift shop, itself the scene of multiple daily dramas. As their grief drives them further apart, does their future lie together ‘after Melanie’, or are they destined to lose one another for ever?

Genre: Romance


“An honest and moving portrait of grieving parents and the different paths they take to find healing and closure”


“A realistic portrait of a marriage slowly sinking in quicksand. Recommended if readers are willing to trudge through all the sadness”

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Gloria Goldreich

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