Death Comes in Threes
by Michael Jecks

Princes Elizabeth’s unlikely assassin finds himself on the hook for two murders in this light-hearted Tudor mystery series!

August 1558. As London is bustling with growing trade from foreign lands, and Queen Mary’s health is once again a hot topic, Jack Blackjack has much to keep him busy. And that’s before his new tenant – a Dutch merchant – disappears under a cloud of suspicion, quickly presumed murdered, and Jack’s latest female companion’s body is found mere streets from her dwelling place.

People around Jack keep inconveniently getting murdered, and he seems to be the most likely culprit! With both the authorities and the unsavoury echelons of London on his tail, nowhere is safe for Jack to hide. He must go about proving his innocence – and uncovering the mirky truth – while ensuring he doesn’t find himself dancing the Tyburn jig!

The question is – can he rely on friends in high – and very low – places to get him out of this ever-increasing mess?

For readers who like their historical mysteries with a dash of farce and frolicking fun!


“Full of period details, bawdy behavior, red herrings, clever deductions, and the interpersonal politics of Mary Tudor and Lady Elizabeth. Fans of the series will enjoy Blackjack’s familiar quick wit and appealing joie de vivre”

Booklist on Murdering the Messenger

“Superb . . . a fast-moving and gripping plot”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of The Merchant Murderers

“Diverting . . . The main draw is high-spirited Jack, with his Bertie Woosterish commentary. Fans of offbeat Tudor mysteries will clamor for more”

Publishers Weekly on Death Comes Hot

“The comical hero provides an amusing instrument for exploring the mores and history of the period”

Kirkus Reviews on The Merchant Murderers

“The improbably and delightfully humorous protagonist moves the story to a surprising conclusion”

Kirkus Reviews on The Dead Don't Wait

“Jecks brings the seamy side of Tudor London to life through rich, atmospheric descriptions of its taverns, brothels, and streets”

Publishers Weekly on A Missed Murder

Michael Jecks

Michael Jecks is the author of more than thirty novels in the Knights Templar medieval mystery series, and four previous Bloody Mary Tudor mysteries. A former Chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association, he lives with his wife, children and dogs in northern Dartmoor.

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