Eye of a Little God
by A.J. Steiger

The Painted Man is here. I feel him in the darkness. He says, “If you let me in, I’ll make the pain stop.” God help me, I want to let him.

After losing his delivery job – the last thing binding him to an empty life – Eddie Luther, veteran and drifter, drives into the snowy woods with a bottle of sleeping pills. But instead of eternal silence, Eddie hears a whisper inside his damaged ear.

Help me.

He follows the call and finds a cryptic journal filled with loneliness and longing, a journal whose words seem written for him alone. Guided by the clues in its pages, he embarks on a journey into a shadowy world beneath the small town of Devil’s Fork, Nebraska – a world where girls become cats, televisions whisper prophecies, and only those cast out of society can see and use magic . . .

Or maybe Eddie’s sanity is slipping. All he knows for sure is that he’s falling in love with someone he’s never seen, someone who may be more than human – and who will change everything he thinks he knows about the world and his place in it.


“An imaginative, thrilling page-turner”

Kirkus ReviewsonCathedral of Bones

“Steiger has developed an original fantasy with creative worldbuilding, strong pacing, and a sympathetic protagonist”

Kirkus ReviewsonCathedral of Bones

“A gorgeous love story of depth and raw emotion that beautifully dismantles the ugly perceptions of autism”

Kirkus ReviewsStarred ReviewonWhen my Heart Joins the Thousand

“Action from first to last page will invigorate the brain waves of dystopian-fiction fans”


“An intriguing read that sets genre fans up neatly for its sequel”

Kirkus ReviewsonMindwalker

“Part Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, part Hunger Games, this plot-driven, romance-laden tale of youth empowerment will surely please genre fans.”

Kirkus ReviewsonMindstormer

A.J. Steiger

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Eye of a Little God by A.J. Steiger is available in the following formats

Hardback97814483121462nd January 2024150 X 230mm288$29.99
Hardback97814483121462nd January 2024150 X 230mm288£21.99
Ebook97814483121532nd January 2024N/A288$14.99
Ebook97814483121532nd January 2024N/A288£4.99
Paperback978144831432424th September 2024138 X 216mm288$18.99
Paperback978144831432425th July 2024138 X 216mm288£13.99
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