Full of Money
by Bill James

Part social satire, part police procedural, Bill James returns with the stunning prequel to Tip Top

In the drug-ridden Whitsun and Temperate housing estates a connection, once made, is only ever one thing: trouble. Trouble for the journalist whose investigation into the estates leads to his murder; trouble for policewoman Esther Davidson, whose job it is to arrest the killer; and trouble for TV producer Larry Edgehill, who becomes more involved with a Romeo and Juliet-esque cross-estate romance than he ever would have wanted.


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Ebook97817801009201st April 2011N/A192£4.99
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Bill James

Critically acclaimed crime writer Bill James is a former journalist who wrote for The Sunday Times, The Daily Mirror, The Spectator, The New Review and Punch. Married with four children, he lives in Wales.

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