by Elizabeth Jeffrey

August, 1914. The silver wedding celebrations of Sir George Barsham, MP, and his wife, Lady Adelaide, are overshadowed by the declaration of war with Germany. Over the following months, as the male estate workers head for the Front and the maids disappear to work in the newly-opened munitions factory, the Barsham family’s comfortable, aristocratic lifestyle is set to change forever.

Determined to do his bit for King and country, James Barsham enlists as an officer and heads for Flanders, leaving Lady Adelaide’s maid Polly devastated. To Lady Adelaide’s dismay, her younger daughter Millie learns to drive an ambulance: a most unladylike skill. Meanwhile Millie’s sister Gina finds fulfilment in helping the local wives and children, left destitute while their husbands are away fighting.

During the course of the war, with devastating loses, the strength of character of the four Barsham siblings will be tested as never before. They will encounter hardship, danger, heartache – and unexpected love.


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Elizabeth Jeffrey

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