Memories Are Made of This
by June Francis

From one of the genre’s best-loved names, an enthralling historical saga set in 1950s Liverpool.

Liverpool, 1954. Young Jeanette Walker often wonders what became of her mother who disappeared without trace during a wartime bombing raid thirteen years before. Was she killed outright, or did she run off with another man, as tyrannical Great Aunt Ethel insists? Embarking on a dual mission to find out what really happened to her mother and to track down the handsome stranger who came to her rescue, Jean is little prepared for the hornets; nest of family secrets and lies that her investigations will stir up.


Memories Are Made of This by June Francis is available in the following formats

Hardback97807278825091st April 2013145 X 224mm256$28.99
Hardback978072788250931st December 2012145 X 224mm256£19.99
Ebook97817801038391st April 2013N/A256$6.99
Ebook97817801038391st April 2013N/A256£4.99
Hardback - Large Print *978072789742831st March 2015150 X 228mm400$36.95
Hardback - Large Print *978072789742830th January 2015150 X 228mm400£22.99
Paperback97818475189891st April 2018140 X 216mm256$17.95
Paperback978184751898931st January 2018140 X 216mm256£13.99
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June Francis

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