Perfect Opportunity
by Steven F. Havill

Octogenarian former sheriff Bill Gastner and Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman investigate a puzzling double murder in this twisty, page-turning instalment in the critically acclaimed Posadas County mystery series

“If you haven’t yet discovered these wonderful mysteries, you are in for a treat!” Anne Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author

The morning after his eighty-seventh birthday bash, former Posadas County sheriff Bill Gastner drives past a couple of vehicles stopped on the highway shoulder. It’s not an unusual sight: a sheriff’s patrol unit, emergency lights ablaze, pulled in behind a pickup truck. The female deputy hasn’t radioed for backup. But there’s something about the scene that makes him feel uneasy.

The next day, Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman is called to a rather more dramatic and disturbing roadside scene, with the same truck the star of the show. But this time, its occupant is in no fit state to talk – his dead body stabbed through the chest with a Ka-Bar, a second corpse in the ditch beside the car.

What happened to the two men? And what were the dead man and the deputy discussing in the quiet of pre-dawn the previous day?

The truth is more twisty and complex than even Estelle and her long-standing friend and former colleague Bill are ready for, and it will take all their combined years of experience to untangle the sorry tale and ensure justice is served.

Fans of CJ Box, Anne Hillerman and Terry Shames will love this thrilling, small-town Western mystery set in New Mexico, as will readers who love strong female protagonists and retired sleuthing heroes.


“Enticing . . . fans of the astute Estelle will enjoy the ride”

Publishers Weekly on No Accident

“A fine, complex mystery in an always-satisfying, long-running series”

Booklist on Less Than a Moment

“A character-driven procedural . . . Strong sense of place and family ties”

Kirkus Reviews on Less Than a Moment

“A character-driven procedural . . . Series devotees will eagerly welcome this latest installment”

Library Journal on Lies Come Easy

“Irresistible . . . Havill’s inviting world welcomes newcomers and keeps fans happily coming back for more”

Publishers Weekly on Lies Come Easy

“Fans of the long-running series . . . will respond to the qualities that have made this series so appealing over the years: meticulous plotting, multidimensional characters, sharp dialogue, and a vivid sense of place. This is one of the very best entries in a consistently excellent series”

Booklist Starred Review of Easy Errors


Library Journal on Easy Errors

“Havill keeps his relentless hold on readers”

Publishers Weekly on Easy Errors

“A compelling mix of dusty small-town ambiance, complex plotting, and an authorial voice imbued with compassionate humanity”

Booklist on Come Dark

“Strong mystery . . . Newcomers will enjoy this entry as much as longtime fans”

Publishers Weekly on Come Dark

Steven F. Havill

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