by R.N. Morris

A game for the times we live – and die – in. Enter Psychotopia, a dark, contemporary dystopian novel from the author of the acclaimed Silas Quinn mysteries.

PSYCHOTOPIA. Ready to play? Create your own boutique psychopath, then deceive, manipulate and be ruthless, spreading mayhem and destruction to reach the next levels.

It’s the computer game for our times. After all, the amount of crazy in the world is increasing. Senseless violence on the streets is becoming the norm. Can Dr Arbus’s ground-breaking device identify and neutralize psychopaths before it’s too late?

In this increasingly dysfunctional and rotten world, surely Callum standing by Aimee after her devastating encounter with Charlie is proof that real love can still win…

Or can it?


“AMERICAN PSYCHO meets READY PLAYER ONE, this terrifying glimpse into the heart of darkness gripped me by the throat and never let go”

Cass Green, bestselling author of The Woman Next Door

R.N. Morris

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Psychotopia by R.N. Morris is available in the following formats

Hardback *97807278883961st February 2019143 X 224mm240$28.99
Hardback *978072788839631st October 2018143 X 224mm240£20.99
Ebook *97814483017441st February 2019N/A256$10.99
Ebook *97814483017441st February 2019N/A256£8.99
Hardback - Large Print *978072782996228th January 2020145 X 223mm368$36.95
Hardback - Large Print *978072782996229th November 2019145 X 223mm368£22.99
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