The Art of the Devil
by John Altman

Only one man stands in the way of a plot to murder President Eisenhower in this riveting historical thriller – a ‘must for fans of The Manchurian Candidate’ (Booklist)

In 1955, one woman holds the key to America’s future: a ruthless and beautiful ex-Nazi assassin, posing as a housekeeper inside President Eisenhower’s isolated Gettysburg estate, awaiting her chance to murder the chief executive and change the course of history.

One man stands in her way: a disgraced Secret Service agent, driven from active duty by battle fatigue. Waiting and watching: the most powerful figures of the era, including Senator Joe McCarthy, FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, Vice President Richard Nixon, and the sinister pair of German-American brothers sponsoring the attack.

As the minutes tick down, the highly-trained professional killer and the discredited WWII veteran face off in a deadly game. At stake: the life and legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the world’s most powerful man.


Creepy, violent, suspenseful, fast paced, and chockablock with unexpected twists, Altman's latest is a gripping and thoroughly satisfying read. A must for fans of The Manchurian Candidate


Altman succeeds in generating tension

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John Altman

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