The Chrysanthemum Tiger
by Alys Clare

Physician-sleuth Dr Gabriel Taverner has to face his greatest challenge yet – a serious danger from the East threatens not just his life, but everyone he loves! All aboard this adventurous historical mystery set in the early seventeenth century.

March, 1605. Country doctor and former ship surgeon Gabriel Taverner is ready for his next adventure. Since he discovered that his injury from years ago doesn’t affect his nautical suitability anymore, he can’t wait to leave Devon – this time for his new employer Walter Haverleigh, a successful merchant, who wants Gabriel to tend to the crew of the Luipaard while sailing the Eastern seas.

As years pass by with Gabriel travelling, his family and friends back home are struggling with the substitute physician he found for them before he left so hurriedly. Doctor Maudsley Cheverell turned out to be as incompetent as they come and unpleasant at best. So when he is found dead in a ditch one day, no one seems to be too surprised or sad about his untimely death.

Only when examining the body, it seems like Cheverell was tortured using a specific method from the East . . . Is there a connection to Gabriel and his time in Asia? Where is he now? And how did the quiet English town of Tavy Valley suddenly get involved in a dangerous plot and most importantly, will everyone come out of it alive?

The last instalment in the Gabriel Taverner historical mystery series delivers a grand finale, a story with lots of twist and turns, great nautical adventures and beautiful settings: “A must for historical mystery readers” (Booklist).


“Clare is a master at combining fascinating period details with spellbinding, adventure-filled stories. A must for historical mystery readers”

Booklist on The Cargo From Neira

“A historically detailed mystery full of action and philosophizing”

Kirkus Reviews on The Cargo From Neira

“Plausible period detail and characters who feel real bolster the involving plot, and the prose and pacing are both top-notch. The prolific Clare shows no sign of running out of steam”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Magic in the Weave

“A haunting, eerie tale with otherworldly twists, a multilayered plot, and Clare’s excellent period details make this a fine choice for historical-mystery fans”

Booklist on Magic in the Weave

“A complex, exciting mystery whose rich historical background is disturbed by some truly chilling events”

Kirkus Reviews on Magic in the Weave

“An intricate puzzle worthy of Shakespeare himself”

The Historical Novels Review on Magic in the Weave

“Excellent … Clare matches well-drawn characters, in particular the charismatic lead, with a head-scratching puzzle and creepy atmospherics. Imogen Robertson fans will be pleased”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of The Indigo Ghosts

“A gripping and unique page-turner that juxtaposes brutal realism with an astonishing, otherworldly, magical adventure … A real standout”

Booklist on The Indigo Ghosts

“Wonderfully authentic period details, larger-than-life characters, a thought-provoking plot, and an affecting and powerful conclusion make this one of Clare's best”

Booklist Starred Review of The Angel in the Glass

“Impressive ... The mystery satisfies with a tragic, far-reaching conclusion. Clare reinforces her place among the top rank of historical writers”

Publishers Weekly on The Angel in the Glass

Alys Clare

Alys Clare lives in the English countryside where her novels are set. She went to school in Tonbridge and later studied English and psychology at the University of Keele and archaeology at the University of Kent. She is the author of the Aelf Fen, Hawkenlye, World’s End Bureau and Gabriel Taverner historical mystery series.

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