The Doomsday Show
by Mark Alpert

In this action-packed environmental thriller from the internationally bestselling author of Final Theory, a good-hearted climate activist must stop terrorists from assassinating the worst fossil-fuel tycoons.

Five climate criminals. One assassination plot. One man caught in the middle.

It’s Climate Emergency Week in New York City. Thousands of environmentalists are protesting against the ongoing destruction of the planet. Also here are the five fossil-fuel tycoons and reactionary politicians who were labeled ‘The Worst Climate Criminals’ by Max Mirsky, former editor of the Journal of Climatology.

When Number Five on the list mysteriously dies as Max confronts him, quickly followed by Number Four, Max becomes the FBI’s prime suspect. Things then go from bad to worse when his daughter is kidnapped.

Max can’t sit back and wait for the FBI to solve the case. He must rescue his daughter and discover who the real assassins are. And he must stop the killings before the outrage and backlash destroy all hopes for a climate-change solution.

What will happen to Max’s daughter – and all future generations – if he fails?


“Well-drawn characters match skillfully planted clues . . . Alpert should win new fans with this one”

Publishers Weekly

“A frightening apocalypse thriller”

Booklist on The Coming Storm

“The science frame plays perfectly into Alpert's expertise (he is a contributing editor at Scientific American) . . . Readers of Michael Crichton and James Rollins should enjoy this one”

Booklist on The Orion Plan

“Alpert, one of the best writers after Michael Crichton at transforming futuristic science into believable fiction, devises such a scary scenario here”

Kirkus Reviews on The Orion Plan

“Alpert's carefully constructed alternate history of witchcraft and sorcery is very clever. Good stuff”

Booklist on The Furies

“Among the writers jostling for position at the top of the technothriller ladder since the passing of Michael Crichton, Alpert is edging closer and closer to the lead. An exciting and highly imaginative story”

Booklist on Extinction

“Alpert nicely balances science and action, and makes familiar scenes of fight and flight fresh”

Publishers Weekly on Extinction

Mark Alpert

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The Doomsday Show by Mark Alpert is available in the following formats

Hardback97814483092694th October 2022142 X 223mm272$29.99
Hardback97814483092694th October 2022142 X 223mm272£20.99
Ebook97814483095974th October 2022N/A272$14.99
Ebook97814483095974th October 2022N/A272£12.99
Paperback978144830966527th June 2023140 X 17mm272$18.99
Paperback978144830966527th April 2023140 X 17mm272£13.99
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