The Fleeting Years
by Connie Monk

THE FLEETING YEARS is the story of Peter and Zina Marchand, joining them when they have been married some ten years and he is at the height of his career, a film star who is a household name both sides of the Atlantic.

At the time of their marriage Zina had already started up the ladder of success as a solo violinist, but she gave up her career when she was expecting their twins, Fiona and Tom.

Surely they are the perfect family; the future seems cloudless. But time doesn’t stand still, children grow up, both ambitious for their own futures, lives change and Zina is tempted back to follow her own career.

Nothing is as it was. It takes tragedy to clear their vision and make them realise what they had so nearly lost.


“Monk’s thoughtful portrait of a marriage in crisis will appeal to readers who enjoy midcentury family sagas”


Connie Monk

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