The Hunting Dark
by Lynn Hightower

The house is waiting . . .

In the Amish countryside of Kentucky, there is a house. Everyone knows about it. They whisper about the things that happen there. Creepy things. Terrible things. It would be better if they shouted: Run.

Six weeks ago, fragile mother of two Pammie LaRue moved in with her beloved partner Conor. They ignored the knocks on the walls. Whispering voices. Water pooling, with no obvious leak.

Eight days ago, Conor went missing, without a trace. Unless you count the drag marks in the crawl space under the house . . .

Neurosurgeon Noah Archer doesn’t believe in ghosts and demons and haunted houses – he knows from terrible experience just how real they are. But despite his work with the Enlightenment Project, which pits cutting-edge scientific research against the darkness, he’s no exorcist.

Still, when Pammie pitches up on his doorstep late one night, children in tow, Noah helps. He enters the house. But in doing so, he’s made a terrible mistake. Because once the darkness has its claws in you, it won’t let go . . .

Did you know that demonic possession is a recognized psychiatric condition? The gripping sequel to The Enlightenment Project is a terrifying blend of horror and real-life science that will keep you turning pages . . . and keep you from sleeping. Read it if you dare!


“Lynn Hightower is a brave, bold writer - and this spooky, suspenseful masterpiece could be her best yet. Super-recommended!”

Lee Child, #1 international bestselling author of the Jack Reacher thrillers, on The Enlightenment Project

“Sensitive characterizations match the imaginative plot. Readers will compulsively turn the pages to see how it all ends”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of The Enlightenment Project

“Establishing unsettling tones early on, the book’s tension mounts, even during its quiet, tender moments. Both the medical and supernatural elements are detailed in engrossing terms. But human connections are at the heart of the novel’s draw”

Foreword Reviews on The Enlightenment Project

“This taut psychological page-turner has a gripping, tightly woven plot and is jam-packed with head-spinning twists and an overwhelming sense of menace that will keep readers riveted”

Booklist on Even in Darkness

“Psychologically compelling”

Kirkus Reviews on Even in Darkness

“Fast pacing, a strong and sympathetic main character, and a genuinely frightening supernatural being keep the pages turning in this ghostly thriller”

Booklist on The Piper

“A stand-alone nightmare that will keep you awake till the last page and maybe even afterward”

Kirkus Reviews on The Piper

Lynn Hightower

Lynn Hightower is the internationally bestselling author of numerous thrillers including the Sonora Blair and Lena Padget detective series. She has previously won the Shamus Award for Best First Private Eye novel and a WH Smith Fresh Talent Award. Lynn lives in Kentucky, in a small Victorian cottage with a writing parlor.

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