The Mermaid Mystery
by Tamar Myers

In a small seaside town, something fishy’s going on . . .

Tidal Shores, a small seaside town in South Carolina, has seen its fortunes nose-dive. But not for much longer! The ‘Big Ten’ on the town council have come up with range of ingenious ideas to get tourists flocking back, from buried pirate treasure to beauty pageants, but it’s handsome taxidermist Gunner Jones’ plan to dupe the public into believing that his creation ‘Miss Lucy’ – combining the top half of an albino ape with a large goliath tigerfish – is a real mermaid that wins the day.

As Gunner’s bizarre creature take centre stage, inquisitive reporter Zoe Porter isn’t fooled by its supposed credibility, but with mermaid mania sweeping the country, will anyone believe her exposé? And when events take a sinister turn, Zoe is suddenly drawn into a much darker story . . .


“Magdalena is a hoot”

Booklist on Meat Thy Maker

“Another zany but pointed look at the Amish and Mennonite lifestyle grafted onto a modest mystery”

Kirkus Reviews on Meat Thy Maker

“Of all Magdalena’s rollicking adventures, this one contains the best mystery”

Kirkus Reviews on Death by Tart Attack

“Magdalena’s humorous commentary and the details of Amish life have long driven this series, and they continue to provide the appeal here”

Booklist on Death by Tart Attack

“Plenty of humor and twists . . . An entertaining addition to the series”

Booklist on Mean and Shellfish

“Magdalena retains her wry sense of humor . . . Fans of wackier culinary cozies will have fun”

Publishers Weekly on Mean and Shellfish

Tamar Myers

Tamar Myers was born in what was then the Belgian Congo in 1948, where her parents were American-Mennonite missionaries to a tribe of headhunters. She moved to the USA at the age of fifteen. On her mother’s side, Tamar is descended from one of the first Amish families to settle in America in 1738. She is the author of more than forty mysteries and many short stories.

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