To Dream of Snow
by Rosalind Laker

A sumptuous historical novel set in pre-Revolutionary Russia and Paris

Marguerite Laurent, a Parisian needlewoman, is summoned to the Imperial Court of Empress Elizabeth to work as the Empress’ personal embroiderer. She travels as part of a retinue of talented foreigners, several of whom worked in the same atelier as Marguerite. Each of the women has her own reasons for wishing to flee France, and they embark upon their adventure in a spirit of excitement mixed with trepidation, for the Empress’ reputation is fearsome.

Their journey is long, uncomfortable, and dangerous, but Marguerite makes friendships that will sustain her during the difficult months when she first arrives in Russia – most particularly with a handsome Englishman, Tom Harwell, a landscape gardener whose task is to create beautiful gardens for the Empress, and with an art dealer, Simon de Villiers…


“As her heroine wends her way through perilous times, readers will be swept along with her in Laker's compelling tale.”


“The political intrigue, unusual royal personalities and Marguerite's personal life keep the plot moving quickly.”

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Rosalind Laker

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