Wicked Jenny
by Matt Hilton

This eerie tale sees a group of men haunted by one traumatic event from their childhood. They thought they’d moved on . . . but someone – or something – won’t let them!

‘Ginny Greenteeth comes for the naughtiest boys and girls . . . and from what I hear you’ve been very, very bad.’

1988: 13-year-old Andy Miller and his four friends become witnesses in the brutal murder of their classmate Melanie Bishop, and the severe beating of her sister, Poppy, at a decommissioned flooded railway line they call the frog ponds. The boys lead the police to a suspect, a vulnerable older boy who later commits suicide while on remand for the attacks – his guilt never proven. Their guilt ingrained on them forever.

Now: Carl Butler’s body is found beside the now gentrified frog ponds – and the lives of Andy, Brian, Johnny and Gavin start to unravel. Is the hag-like woman terrorizing their reality the grown-up Poppy set on revenge? Or something else . . . something steeped in childhood nightmares? As the friends try to piece together and understand what’s happening to them, they can’t stop the spiralling fear that the truth is something altogether scarier than a mere cautionary tale . . .

For those who love spooky fairy tales with a twist – this first in a new series will not disappoint!


“Fans of British author Hilton know what to expect: a tightly wound tale with doses of dry limey humor on the way to a finale of gut-clutching violence”

Booklist on Death Pact

“Completely apocalyptic . . . With characters who are truly mad, bad, and dangerous”

Kirkus Reviewson Death Pact

“Hilton grabs readers from the outset of this superior standalone thriller”

Publishers Weekly on The Girl in the Smoke

“Hilton doesn’t let the breakneck pacing or plot zigzags preclude in-depth characterizations. Lisa Unger fans will want to check this out”

Publishers Weekly on The Girl in the Smoke

“The fight scenes are exceptional”

Library Journal on Cold Fire

“an action-packed chase thriller”

Library Journal on Cold Fire

“Hot conflicts rage in the freezing cold”

Kirkus Reviews on Cold Fire

“A riotous action read”

Booklist on Collision Course

“Just right for the Hammett and Chandler crowd”

Booklist on Fatal Conflict

“Action galore”

Kirkus Reviews on Collision Course

Matt Hilton

Matt Hilton worked for twenty-three years in private security and the police force in Cumbria. He is a 4th Dan blackbelt and coach in Ju-Jitsu. He is the author of thirteen novels in the Joe Hunter series, and ten in the Grey & Villere thrillers.

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