by Jack Lance

A routine flight descends into terror in this spine-tingling tale of supernatural suspense

As Oceans Airways flight 582 takes off from LAX Airport, Los Angeles, headed for Sydney, Australia, passengers and crew prepare themselves for the 14-hour flight, among them flight attendants Sharlene Their and Aaron Drake, who have recently started dating.

But suddenly communication and navigation systems in the cockpit start malfunctioning: just the start of a series of inexplicable and terrifying events about to engulf these airborne travellers. The Boeing 747 has entered strange airways, inhabited by something malicious – a presence that holds sway over the aircraft. And Sharlene may be the only one to understand the true nature of the threat …


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Ebook97817801073561st March 2016N/A224$10.99
Ebook97817801073561st March 2016N/A224£8.99
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Jack Lance

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