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The Red, Red Snow
Caro Ramsay

Two bodies are discovered at a cottage in a remote highland glen. The killer would appear to have arrived and left without leaving a trace, not even a footprint in the snow. As the snow piles higher, detectives Anderson and Costello put their wits to solving a seemingly impossible crime.

The Doom List
Gerard O'Donovan

Will H. Hays is on a mission to clean up Hollywood by compiling the Doom List - a list of \'undesirables\' whom he plans to bar from screen work. Private investigator Tom Collins is hired to protect a leading lady\'s reputation at all costs, and is drawn into a case of cold-blooded murder.

Deadly Primrose
Suzette A. Hill

Eccentric artist and indomitable amateur sleuth Primrose Oughterard is back in Lewes, but finds tragedy on her doorstep once again with the news that Elspeth Travers has drowned at sea while bathing at Birling Gap. Primrose is sure something is afoot.

Off Script
Graham Hurley

Carrie Tollman awakes in the night to an intruder gazing down at her. He tells her he's killed before and he'll kill again. Carrie is one of two carers looking after Enora Andressen's favorite scriptwriter. It falls to Enora to track down this terrifying presence at Carrie's bedside.