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Friday eBook offer

In honour of Burn's Night this weekend, our special eBook of...

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Author and Severn House events

5 Feb - Priscilla MASTERS will be at Biddulph library...

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Stella Cameron

Alex Duggins has returned to her home town in the Cotswolds, looking for a fresh start. But you can't outrun the past, as Alex discovers, when she stumbles across a frosted corpse buried in the snow.

The Dark Side of the Road
Simon Green

Ishmael Jones can't afford to be noticed. He's employed to search out secrets and shine a light in dark places. Invited by his employer to join him and his family for Christmas, Ishmael arrives in the midst of a blizzard to find that the Colonel has disappeared . . .

Mischa Hiller

Julian runs a successful software development company, but a seemingly lucrative new contract is about to lead him into disaster. Caught up in a clandestine war between two nations, Julian finds himself trapped in a deadly game.

Mariner's Ark
Peter Tonkin

When an storm strikes, Richard is forced to turn his container ship into a real Noah's ark, guiding her into the deadliest storm to come off the Pacific in 150 years.