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The Godless
Paul Doherty

A number of prostitutes in 14th century London are brutally murdered, with blood-red wigs placed upon their heads; at the same time a war cog ship bound for Calais is destroyed: is there a connection, and are the rumours true that the mysterious Oriflamme is responsible?

Cold Wrath
Peter Turnbull

Arriving at work Miles Law finds his employer slumped in an armchair with a bullet wound on his forehead. The man kept his employers and neighbours at a distance, and was a known recluse, so who were the three blonde women who called at his house days before his death?

False Account
Veronica Heley

Wealthy Marcia Tredgold and her daughter, Charlotte, want Bea Abbot to find them new staff to replace those who have left under a cloud. Bea discovers that all those dismissed were close to Marcia Tredgold, and begins to question their peculiar dismissal.

Rough Music
Robin Blake

The year is 1744 and an epidemic threatens. Lancashire Coroner Titus Cragg repairs to a remote rural backwater, but life is far from quiet as he and Dr. Luke Fidelis probe the death of one woman, and the mysterious disappearance of another.