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Murder a la Mocha
Sandra Balzo

Uncommon Grounds coffeehouse owner Maggy Thorsen is full of good intentions when she attempts to return Mocha, a lost chihuahua who jumped out in front of her car, to her owners. But a trip to the Satterwite\'s house and meeting their dog-sitter give Maggy a bad feeling

Just Once
Lori Handeland

Frankie Sicari\'s ex-husband, Charley Blackwell is back - and thinks they are still married. He is married - to Hannah. When medical tests reveal shocking results, Frankie reluctantly cares for Charley . . . but can she forgive him for the past?

The Ring
M.J. Trow

Private enquiry agents Grand and Batchelor have been hired by timber merchant Selwyn Byng to discover what's happened to his heiress wife. The only clue they have to go on is a badly spelled note demanding £5,000 if Byng is to see Emilia again.

Murder at the Queen\'s Old Castle
Cora Harrison

On her first visit for fifty years to Cork\'s main department store, the Queen\'s Old Castle, the Reverend Mother is struck by how little has changed. But when the store\'s owner staggers from his office and topples over the railings to his death, Mother Aquinas is once again drawn into a baffling murder investigation.