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Alex Duggins Mysteries

Stella Cameron exposes more secrets with far-reaching ramifi...

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5 minute read

Think you don't have time to read books? Here is No Second C...

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The Welcoming
Nora Roberts

Sent to a seaside inn on an undercover assignment, FBI agent Roman DeWinter didn't expect to fall for Charity Ford, the innkeeper...

First Tracks
Catherine O'Connell

Ski patroller Greta Westerlind discovers there's a darker side to the glamorous skiers' paradise of Aspen in this intriguing thriller.

Tangled Roots
Marcia Talley

Can Hannah Ives untangle the roots of her ancestry to solve murders from the past and present?

The Watchers of the Dead
Simon Beaufort

An escaped assassin. A group of cannibals on the run. A threatening letter. Newspaper reporter Alec Lonsdale is on the case in this compelling Victorian mystery.