by Nick Oldham

Former Royal Marine, ex-cop and sportfishing skipper Steve Flynn finds that his is the last name on a dead man’s hitlist in this fast-paced action thriller.

A man with too much time on his hands and vengeance on his mind can be extremely dangerous – as Steve Flynn is about to find out.

Spending an idyllic summer running pleasure cruises for holidaymakers on the island of Ibiza, Flynn stumbles across a botched armed robbery in progress. He is hardwired to intervene – but in so doing he uncovers something that tells him he might just be a target himself.

At first Flynn is unconcerned, but as some of his former police colleagues and friends begin to die in horrifically brutal ways, he realizes that a hitlist exists, that his is the last name on it . . . and that a dead man is out for revenge.


This tense thriller is a roller-coaster ride of gutchurning violence and pulse-pounding action. . . a mesmerizing read for anyone who likes the hard-boiled style



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Nick Oldham

Nick Oldham is a retired police inspector who served in the force from the age of nineteen. As well as the acclaimed Henry Christie novels, he is the author of the Steve Flynn series.

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Ebook97817801080321st October 2016N/A224£4.99
Hardback - Large Print978072789557831st July 2017142 X 222mm336$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072789557826th May 2017142 X 222mm336£23.99
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