Beignets, Brides and Bodies
by J.R. Ripley

Settling into her new life running a coffee and beignet café in the small town of Table Rock, Arizona, Maggie Miller expects nothing but smooth sailing from here on. But she’s blown way off course when Clive Rothschild, co-owner of The Hitching Post, the bridal shop next door, begs her for a favour.

That favour leads to Clive and Maggie discovering a dead body buried beneath a wedding cake. And with the evidence stacking up against Clive and his partner, former professional skater Johnny Wolfe, it’s up to Maggie to dig through the layers of deceit and hem in the real killer. But she may have to skirt the law to do it . . .


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Ebook97817801081001st November 2016N/A240£4.99
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J.R. Ripley

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