Blunt Impact
by Lisa Black

“Quite simply, one of the best storytellers around” Tess Gerritsen

Called out to examine the body of a female construction worker at a Cleveland building site, forensic scientist Theresa MacLean soon discovers that what she initially assumed to be an industrial accident may be nothing of the kind. For why was the dead woman smartly dressed? And what would she be doing on the 23rd storey of an unfinished building in the middle of the night?

Then it turns out there was a witness to the death: a young girl nicknamed Ghost due to her habit of slipping silently and watchfully around the neighbourhood. Ghost saw the woman fall. Except Ghost says she didn’t fall – she was pushed by someone Ghost can only identify as the Shadow Man.

Soon Theresa finds herself in a race against time to protect Ghost from an unknown killer before he is able to find the little girl and silence her for good.


The bond that MacLean forms with Ghost lends human interest and few will guess the killer's identity before the final desperate confrontation

Publishers Weekly

Black handles multiple plots like a pro, building a story with almost as many layers as the new Cleveland jail

Kirkus Reviews

An intense plot, knuckle-biting suspense, a likeable heroine, and a shock ending make for a thoroughly satisfying read


Lisa Black

Lisa Black is a forensic scientist and crime scene investigator for a south Florida police department. Prior to that, she worked in the trace evidence lab for the coroner’s office in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the New York Times-bestselling author of six previous Theresa MacLean thrillers.

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