Chalice of Darkness
by Sarah Rayne

Introducing the Fitzglens and their theatre of thieves in this spellbinding gothic mystery!

“Superb . . . Lovers of British historical mysteries with a dash of romance and gothic atmosphere will clamor for more” Publishers Weekly Starred Review

London, 1908. The Fitzglens are proud of their reputation as one of London’s leading theatre families. They are, however, equally proud of another profession which they pursue very discreetly . . . When not on stage, they are thieves.

Jack Fitzglen’s latest plan is to seek out the infamous Talisman Chalice, steal it and create a dazzling piece of theatre around it. He travels to Vallow Hall in Northumberland to find the mysterious Maude – the last known link to the Chalice – but uncovers something far darker. Scandal, secrets and danger lurk in every shady corner. Perhaps the legend of the Chalice has come true: that in the wrong hands, the Chalice drags a person into a darkness from which he or she can never emerge…

As past and present collide, can Jack find the Chalice, the truth and return to his theatre of thieves unscathed?


“Superb . . . Lovers of British historical mysteries with a dash of romance and gothic atmosphere will clamor for more”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“In this taut, Gothic-style mystery, Rayne offers a gripping plot with plenty of suspense and period ambience”


“Frightful fun with haunted history and a blustery thespian”

Kirkus Reviews

“A dark drama of violence and murder”

Library Journal

“A fascinating history is folded into a spectral mystery”

Kirkus Reviews on The Murder Dance

“Vivid flashbacks to the troubled history of the Rivers clan complement the present-day action, which builds to a creepily satisfying conclusion. Readers will hope this series has a long run”

Publishers Weekly on The Murder Dance

“The Fox novels are a joy to read. They’re beautifully written, with a strong protagonist and very cleverly constructed stories. Each of the Fox novels has been better than the last – with more-complex stories that ratchet up the suspense to a new level . . . Fans of Phineas Fox will be lining up for this one”

Booklist Starred Review of The Devil's Harmony

Rayne writes with panache and imagination … A chocolate box of classical music, banter, historic tidbits, and spooky stories

Kirkus Reviews on The Devil's Harmony

An intricate tale of music, love, betrayal, and self-sacrifice … Fans of intelligent historical mysteries will be rewarded

Publishers Weekly on The Devil's Harmony

Rayne is a fine writer, a sure-handed plotter and skillful character builder ... Fox is perhaps her most intriguing creation

Booklist on Music Macabre

Sarah Rayne

Sarah Rayne is the author of many novels of psychological and supernatural suspense, including the Nell West & Michael Flint series, the Phineas Fox mysteries and the Theatre of Thieves mysteries. She lives in Staffordshire.

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Chalice of Darkness by Sarah Rayne is available in the following formats

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Hardback97814483064047th February 2023144 X 223mm288£21.99
Ebook97814483064357th February 2023N/A256$24.99
Ebook97814483064357th February 2023N/A256£12.99
Paperback978144830644226th December 2023140 X 215mm288$18.99
Paperback978144830644226th October 2023140 X 215mm288£13.99
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