Courting Miss Emma
by Linda Broday

“One day I intend to court you, lady. That’s a promise. Hangman’s daughter or not.”

Texas 1868. Emma Taggart has finally found a place to belong – setting up Heaven’s Door orphanage with her sister Maura was a new beginning for her – and one she will do anything to protect.

When guarded ex-army man Stone Landry buys the neighbouring land and moves in – camels and all – Emma’s world changes forever. He is an infuriating man who instantly gets under her skin – in ways she never dreamed possible, and despite herself, Emma starts to wonder if, just maybe, he is man enough to take on a Hangman’s daughter . . . But their newfound connection is quickly tested by violent night raids, kidnappings, and underhand tricks by powerful rancher Zeke Parker, who is intent on running them out of town and taking the land he deems to be his. Can Emma find enough courage to trust in Stone and help him give her the life she’s always dreamed of?


“The exciting plot, rich setting, and superb writing will delight fans of historical romances”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of The Heart of a Texas Cowboy

“A touching story with a background of the real west. A perfect book to warm your heart”

Jodi Thomas New York Times bestselling author on Winning Maura’s Heart

“Readers will appreciate the story’s layered mysteries, emotional depth, and believable scenes of attraction”

Publishers Weekly on To Catch a Texas Star

“With solid minor characters, exciting plots, and sharp dialogue, this lovely romance is another home run by Broday”

Publishers Weekly on The Cowboy Who Came Calling

Linda Broday

Linda Broday is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty historical western romance novels and short stories. A third generation Texan, she finds lots of inspiration for her fictional cowboys on the West Texas short grass plains. She grew up watching TV westerns and fell in love with the strong men and women who settled this wild country. Those TV episodes, visits to museums, and countless books taught her the values, the strength it took to survive and the tremendous will to keep going when things got tough. On a still day, she swears she can often hear the voices of ancestors whispering in the wind. Writing is her passion and drives her to keep penning stories that focus heavily on children and family. In her family, she’s the storyteller, the one who records ancestral history. Linda comes from a long line of poor but prideful people and she’s happy with that. It’s her legacy.

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