Dancing in the Dark
by Susan Moody

A woman’s search for her identity leads her to confront a series of disturbing truths in this enthralling psychological mystery

Abandoned at the age of eleven by her beautiful, capricious mother, Theodora Cairns, twenty years on and with a painful divorce behind her, is still struggling to get over her childhood abandonment. With the urging of her new love interest, Fergus Costello, and a chance discovery, Theo becomes determined to find her mother and demand answers to the questions she should have asked years ago. Her search for answers leads her to Vermont, USA, but will she be able to handle the disturbing truth?


Moody is a consummate storyteller, whose well-structured writing, clear prose, and unusual plot add up to pure reading pleasure for romantic-suspense fans


Moody forms complete characters of two wounded people looking to squash their nightmares and reach their dreams. Their quests bring freedom and reunion, sadness and understanding, and triumphant love. Moody has written another winner

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

An absorbing portrait of a woman struggling to find a new foundation for the identity she only thought she had

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Susan Moody

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