Deadly Primrose
by Suzette A. Hill

The unfortunate demise of a local woman while sea bathing at the Birling Gap sends Primrose Oughterard’s sleuthing antennae into overdrive.

Eccentric artist and indomitable amateur sleuth Primrose Oughterard is back in Lewes after her ‘Baden-Baden’ sojourn, but finds tragedy on her doorstep once again with the news that Elspeth Travers has drowned at sea while bathing at Birling Gap. The unfortunate Mrs Travers met her chilly demise in a black ruched swimming costume and pink floral cap, but Primrose is sure something is afoot. Elspeth hated swimming, and indeed frothy swimming hats – why was she in the water, and was her death really a tragic accident?

With so much incompetence around, Primrose feels compelled to investigate, and soon uncovers secrets, betrayal and nefarious deeds – with the help of her newly acquired pets, Maurice and Bouncer, inherited from her late brother, Francis. But just when Primrose thinks she’s solved the mystery, there’s an incredible twist…


This leisurely paced mystery includes well-drawn characters, especially the acerbic Primrose and her savvy pets


Jaunty … Those in the mood for silly fun will be delighted

Publishers Weekly

The pets are the stars of this twisty, sardonically humorous adventure

Kirkus Reviews

Delightful … will leave series fans and newcomers alike eager for the next installment

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Bones in High Places

Diverting ... blithely mixes cozy elements with black farce

Publishers Weekly on A Bedlam of Bones

Highly amusing ... The outrageous plot will keep readers guessing until the end

Publishers Weekly on Bone Idle

Suzette A. Hill

Suzette A. Hill is a graduate of the universities of Nottingham and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and for many years taught English literature for Adult Education at Reading College. She began writing novels when retiring to Herefordshire, where she now lives, but her childhood roots are in Sussex. Among her interests is the poetry of T.S. Eliot and John Donne, nineteenth- and twentieth-century English and Irish political history and – when affordable – the consumption of French burgundy.

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The Francis Oughterard mystery Series