Forgotten Voices
by Jane A. Adams

Retired actress Rina Martin gets tangled up in the brutal murder of a seemingly innocent widow

Who would want to kill widowed mother of two Ellen Tailor, a seemingly innocent, inoffensive woman, and leave her body for her children to find? Rina Martin’s policeman friend Mac can’t find anything that looks like a motive and not much more in terms of suspects. While it is true Ellen didn’t get on with her mother in law, it seems hard to believe their arguments escalated into a brutal killing. A former abusive partner seems a more likely suspect, but unfortunately for Mac he seems to have a watertight alibi.
But just as the case goes cold, there is a second killing. Are the two linked? Rina thinks so – and Mac has long since learnt that, unfortunately, Rina is often right . . .


“Told from multiple points of view, the novel offers an engaging mix of police-procedural and amateur-sleuth subgenres, with quirky, likable characters”


Jane A. Adams

Jane A. Adams was born in Leicestershire and still lives there – even though it is too far from the sea. She teaches creative writing and writing skills, mentors other writers for various arts organizations and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Royal Literary Fund Associate Fellow. Her first book, The Greenway, was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey Award and for the Author’s Club Best First Novel Award. When not writing she can often be found drawing racing dodos and armoured hares and the occasional octopus.As well as the Henry Johnstone series, Adams is the author of the highly acclaimed Naomi Blake and Rina Martin mystery series.

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