From the Grave
by Jay Brandon

Disbarred defence attorney Edward Hall discovers that in order to win his case he has to lose in this tense and twisting legal thriller.

“You want me to represent the most hated man in Houston?”

Disbarred Texas lawyer Edward Hall returns to the courtroom after accepting an offer from the District Attorney to represent the most obviously guilty defendant in town. It’s a poisoned chalice. Not only is his client charged with kidnapping the DA’s sister, he is already well-known for the previous kidnapping of a celebrity’s son.
But if Edward handles this well, he has a chance to regain his law licence. And Edward understand that by ‘handling the case well’, the DA means he needs to lose. Labouring under this impossible conflict of interest, Edward prepares for the trial with the help of his resourceful girlfriend Linda. But as the trial approaches, Edward finds himself having to solve and prove a completely different case: one of cold-blooded murder.


A fine, tense legal thriller with an offbeat plot

Booklist on Against the Law

Brandon, a Texas criminal lawyer, knows how to ratchet up tension in the courtroom

Publishers Weekly on Against the Law

Brandon is among the best in the legal thriller business at catching the real atmosphere of a trial - that combination of tedium and terror that makes the courtroom such a popular literary arena

Publishers Weekly on Grudge Match

An outstanding mix of courtroom maneuverings, evolving characters, and razor-sharp plots

Booklist on Running with the Dead

Intelligent entertainment for lovers of courtroom drama

Publishers Weekly on Running with the Dead

Jay Brandon

JAY BRANDON is the award-winning author of many novels and short stories acclaimed both critically and by readers. His first novel, DEADBOLT, was awarded Booklist magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award, after a starred review. His first legal thriller, FADE THE HEAT, was short-listed for the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award for Best novel, was optioned by Amblin Entertainment, and has been published around the world. His novels have been published by more than a dozen foreign publishers, with worldwide distribution. His most recent short story, “A Jury of His Peers,” was chosen by Lee Child for inclusion in THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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