Hell Hath No Fury
by Rosie Harris

This compelling novel of suspense is an intriguing new departure for much-loved saga writer Rosie Harris.

Maureen Flynn is a woman with a secret. Sixteen years earlier, when she was a schoolgirl, something terrible happened to her. But the perpetrators of the shocking crime went unpunished. Maureen and her family left town, the affair was hushed up, and Maureen carved a new life for herself. Until now.

A bitter rejection revives Maureen’s long-suppressed memories, causing her to embark on a terrible quest for vengeance.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Ruth Morgan and her team are baffled by a string of murders that have taken place in their quiet little town. In the past few weeks, four successful men in their mid-thirties have been stabbed to death, their corpses brutally defiled. It’s up to Ruth to find the link between the victims – and hunt down a ruthless killer before it’s too late.


Story engage throughout

Publishers Weekly

Readers will relish the detail and interplay of the characters in Harris' devilish tale


Rosie Harris

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