It’s Now or Never
by June Francis

Two young women’s lives are destined to intertwine in 1950s’ Liverpool

In 1942, two young women give birth in a home for unmarried mothers. Thirteen years later, Dorothy Wilson is a successful actress, offered her first major role in a feature film. But it will mean spending time apart from her policeman boyfriend Sam – when all Sam wants to do is settle down and start a family. Should Dorothy give up her dreams of stardom to stay in Liverpool and become a full-time wife and mother?

Meanwhile, Lynne Donegan, having lost her childhood sweetheart in the war, is bringing up her daughter on her own, eking out a meagre living as a dressmaker.

Dorothy and Lynne’s lives are destined to intertwine in ways they could never have expected. For both women are keeping secrets from their loved ones: secrets that are destined to burst into the open, changing the two women’s lives forever.


Francis effectively captures postwar Liverpool and uses her younger characters to foreshadow the youthquake that will soon sweep England


June Francis

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