Lucky Bones
by Michael Wiley

A case of stolen shoes leads maverick Chicago PI Sam Kelson into something far darker and deeper in the second of this hardhitting crime noir series.

“My boyfriend’s been stealing my Jimmy Choos.” Genevieve Bower has hired private investigator Sam Kelson to recover her stolen shoes from her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. The problem is that no one’s seen Genevieve’s boyfriend for the past two weeks.

Events take a disturbing twist when, in his search for the shoes, Kelson comes across a body, shot in the head. A clear-cut case of suicide – or is it? Has Kelson’s client been wholly honest with him? What is this case really about?

At the same time, an explosion rips through one of the city’s public libraries, leaving a friend’s nephew critically injured. Could there be a connection? If there is, Kelson’s determined to find it. But Kelson’s not like other investigators. Taking a bullet in the brain during his former career as a Chicago cop, he suffers from disinhibition: he cannot keep silent or tell lies when questioned – and his involuntary outspokenness is about to lead him into dangerous waters . . .


Wiley keeps the twists coming

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Engrossing ... Readers will want to see more of the complex Dast

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Like your noir pitch-black? So does Wiley

Kirkus Reviews on Monument Road

Noir fiction doesn't get much darker ... Wiley is extremely good at creating an atmosphere of menacing dread ... New shocks occur all the way to the last page

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Blue Avenue

An excellent noir that will attract readers who appreciate the anguished protagonists of Steve Hamilton and Loren D. Estleman

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Michael Wiley

Michael Wiley was brought up in Chicago, and now teaches creative writing and literature at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. As well as the Franky Dast thrillers, he is the Shamus Award-winning author of the Chicago-based Joe Kozmarski PI series, the Daniel Turner thrillers, and the Sam Kelson mysteries. His first Franky Dast thriller, Monument Road, was nominated for the 2018 Shamus Best PI Novel Award and the Sam Kelson mystery, Head Case, was nominated for the same award in 2022.

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