Plague of the Manitou
by Graham Masterton

Virus expert Anna Grey is disturbed when a dying patient is wheeled past her lab vomiting fountains of blood and screaming like a banshee. To make matters worse, when she examines the man’s corpse, she could swear she hears him whisper: ‘Get it out of me.’ John Patrick Bridges is dead. He’s definitely dead. But if he’s dead – how is he talking?
Anna wonders if she’s going mad. But then a second man haemorrhages and dies; yet Anna hears him whisper, ‘Please help me.’

There is no such thing as demons, Anna tells herself. But cynical fortune-teller Harry Erskine knows otherwise and a series of extremely disturbing events are forcing him from his Miami home towards the bereaved Anna, who as yet has little idea of the evil she is facing . . .


“A master of modern horror”

Library Journal

Graham Masterton

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Paperback978184751607730th November 2016140 X 216mm256£13.99
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