Sins of the Fathers
by Anthea Fraser

Three families, separate yet joined by the sins of the fathers; sins that will ultimately lead to tragedy.

Mark Richmond’s trip to York takes a surprise detour when he runs into Helena Crawford and ends up accompanying her to her parents’ ruby wedding anniversary in Drumlee, Scotland.

Six months earlier, Mark attended Peter Kingsley’s sixtieth birthday party – the father of his now-estranged wife, Sophie – where Peter was unexpectedly taken ill. Mark’s father, Charles, has been friends with Peter for forty years, but how well does he really know him?

As Peter’s health continues to deteriorate, it seems the Richmonds and the Kingsleys are inextricably entwined by devastating secrets, resentment, betrayal and deceit. And who is Ellie, the girl in the hooded anorak, who appears on the cliff path in Drumlee, pale and shivering from the cold?


Fraser skillfully keeps the reader guessing as to who will be/has been sleeping with whom. This is soap opera of the highest order

Publishers Weekly

Fraser is an excellent storyteller, and her latest domestic thriller doesn’t disappoint


Anthea Fraser

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Sins of the Fathers by Anthea Fraser is available in the following formats

Hardback978072788790030th April 2018144 X 225mm192£20.99
Hardback978072788790030th April 2018144 X 225mm192£20.99
Ebook97817801096951st August 2018N/A192$10.99
Ebook97817801096951st August 2018N/A192£8.99
Ebook97817801096951st August 2018N/A192$10.99
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Paperback978184751913931st July 2019135 X 240mm192£12.99
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