The Drummers
by Tricia Fields

Police Chief Josie Gray’s life is complicated when sparks and bullets begin to fly after her small town in Texas is overrun by a community wishing to live “off grid.”

The residents of the small town of Artemis are suspicious when a community called The Drummers moves into a local abandoned church. Their leader, Gideon, claims their aim is simple: to live peacefully off the grid without government interference. But when local power substations are sabotaged and the whole of West Texas loses electricity, all fingers point to them.

Forced to intervene, Police Chief Josie Gray and her team try to enter the church only for gunshots to be exchanged. Inside the church one young girl is killed, with Gideon claiming Josie’s stray bullet hit her.

Was Josie responsible? Did one of The Drummers murder the girl and use Josie as a patsy? Were The Drummers responsible for the power outage? As Josie identifies an ever-widening pool of suspects, she learns of a shocking connection reaching far beyond West Texas.


A terrific heroine, scoring big for women in law enforcement

Publishers Weekly on Midnight Crossing

Fields's Tony Hillerman Prize-winning mysteries capture the raw natural beauty of West Texas

Library Journal on Midnight Crossing

A brisk narrative, a vivid sense of place, and an appealing protagonist make this another fine entry in this winning series

Booklist on Firebreak

Emotionally taut, building to a breathtaking climax

Booklist Starred Review of Wrecked

Tricia Fields

Born in Hawaii but spending most of her life in Indiana, Tricia Fields now lives with her family in a log cabin on a small farm. Fields won the Tony Hillerman Prize for her first novel in the Josie Gray mystery series, The Territory, which was also named a Sun-Sentinel Best Mystery Debut of the Year.

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