The Green Man
by Kate Sedley

This is the new Roger the Chapman mystery.

in the summer of 1482, an English army, under the command of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, invades Scotland in order to win back the border town of Berwick-on-Tweed and to put King James the Third’s renegade younger brother, the Duke of Albany, on the Scottish throne. Albany insists that his old acquaintance, Roger Chapman, be a member of his personal bodyguard, so an astonished and extremely reluctant Roger finds himself, by royal decree, a part of the invading forces.

But during the march northwards, a series of sinister events, centred around the cult figure of the mythical Green Man, makes Roger question Albany’s true motive for requesting his presence. And once in Edinburgh, he is called upon not only to solve a murder, again involving the Green Man, but also begins to realize that his own life could be in danger.


The meticulous, well-paced plot builds to a real surprise at the end

Publishers Weekly

A must for fans of English history-mysteries


Kate Sedley

Kate Sedley, a student of Anglo-Saxon and medieval history, lives in England. She is married and has a son, a daughter, and three grandchildren. The Saint John’s Fern is the ninth novel in her critically acclaimed series featuring Roger the Chapman.

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