The Holy Terrors
by Simon R. Green

Six people locked in a haunted hall . . . Cameras watching their every move . . . And then someone dies . . . This first in a spine-tingling new paranormal mystery series from New York Times bestselling British fantasy author Simon R. Green will make you doubt your judgement – and believe in ghosts!

Welcome to Spooky Time, the hit TV ghost-hunting show where the horror is scripted . . . and the ratings are declining rapidly. What better way to up the stakes – and boost the viewership – than by locking a select group of Z-list celebrities up for the night in The Most Haunted Hall in England™ and live-streaming the ‘terrifying’ results?

Soon Alistair, a newly appointed Bishop, actress Diana, medium Leslie, comedian Toby and celebrity chef Indira are trapped inside Stonehaven town hall, along with June, the host and producer of the show. The group tries to settle in and put on a good show, but then strange things start happening in their hall of horrors.

What is it about this place – and why is the TV crew outside not responding? Are they even on air?

Logical Alistair attempts to keep the group’s fears at bay and rationalise the odd events, but there are things that just can’t be explained within reason . . . Can he stop a cold-blooded would-be killer – even if it’s come from beyond the grave?

This locked-room mystery with a paranormal twist is classic Simon R. Green, featuring his trademark humour and imagination, irresistible characters, and thoroughly entertaining plotting.


“A blast for urban-fantasy readers looking for a broken fourth wall riddled with dry-witted commentary, evil getting its just deserts, and the good walking away to fight the good fight”

Library Journal on Not of This World

“The story here (and in the previous three series installments) is so strong that it should satisfy even the most demanding of caper-novel devotees”

Booklist on Not of This World

“Features . . . one of the snarkiest antiheroes to ever front an urban fantasy series, turning the murder and mayhem up to 11”

Library Journal on What Song The Sirens Sang

“A wonderfully imagined setting . . . The Sable novels make perfect fare for fans of urban fantasy, thrillers, or caper novels”

Booklist on A Matter of Death and Life

“A treat for anyone who relishes the blending of alternate-world fantasy, urban fantasy, and the caper novel. Exciting, witty, and stuffed full of fun”

Booklist on The Best Thing You Can Steal

“Clever worldbuilding”

Publishers Weekly on The Best Thing You Can Steal

“This genre-bending mix of fantasy and thriller is essential reading for series fans and for those who enjoy their fiction a little on the weird side”

Booklist on Buried Memories

“Intriguing . . . Green offers enough to please series fans and hook newcomers, while posing new mysteries. X-Files devotees will be satisfied”

Publishers Weekly on Buried Memories

“A fast, fun supernatural thriller that never takes itself too seriously”

Kirkus Reviews on The House on Widows Hill

“Thoroughly entertaining”

Booklist on The House on Widows Hill

Simon R. Green

Simon R. Green was born in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England, where he still lives. He is the New York Times bestselling author of more than seventy science fiction and fantasy novels, including the Nightside, Secret Histories and Ghost Finders series, the Ishmael Jones mysteries, the Gideon Sable series and the Holy Terrors mystery series.Simon has sold more than four million copies of his books worldwide.

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The Holy Terrors mystery Series