The Mannequin House
by R N Morris

In this intriguing historical mystery, Detective Inspector Silas Quinn investigates one of the strangest cases of his career . . .

London, 1914. Called out to investigate the murder of a fashion model employed by the House of Blackley, a prestigious Kensington department store, Detective Inspector Silas Quinn of Scotland Yard’s Special Crimes Department is thrown into the bizarre: the chief murder suspect is a monkey. He may be sceptical, but how will Quinn ever get to the truth when faced with the maelstrom of seething jealousy, resentment, forbidden desires and thwarted passion that is the Mannequin House?


Morris excels at heart breaking scenes of pain and violence, imbuing a classic whodunit plot with emotion and psychological depth.

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

With its psychological bent, readers who liked Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City could appreciate this.

Library Journal

A nifty period whodunit packed with flamboyant characters and brisk dialogue

Kirkus Review

R N Morris

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