The Memory Man
by Steven Savile

Cross-border investigators Peter Ash and Frankie Varg team up to solve a case when a bunch of gruesome murders are linked with a bizarre note in this hard-hitting thriller.

When a newly-appointed Catholic bishop disappears shortly after receiving a macabre gift in the post – a severed human tongue – the Vatican calls in Peter Ash of the European Crime Division to help. Enclosed with the package was a bizarre note: Memini Bonn. I remember Bonn.

At the same time, Ash’s Swedish counterpart Frankie Varg is investigating the murder of a prominent politician. When it transpires that the two cases are linked, the pair team up to become enmeshed in a baffling investigation where nothing is as it first appears. What exactly is the significance of Bonn? And who is so determined to unleash those carefully buried memories…?


“Impossible to turn away from”


Steven Savile

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