The Quake Cities
by Mark Wheaton

A woman tries trying to find her way home in a world decimated by earthquakes, but there are people determined to stop her and harvest her DNA.

Alice wakes up in the Los Angeles Quake Zone in 2025 having no idea how she got there. As her memories slowly return, she finds she’s being hunted by several armed groups intent on capturing her alive.

At the same time, Este, a survivor of the quakes that destroyed Los Angeles, makes a living as a pathfinder for salvage teams in the city. Este rescues Alice from her pursuers and learns there is something not quite right about her – Alice is convinced it is 2003.

Aided by Este’s occasional boyfriend Wilfredo and her dog Casey, Este and Alice try to evade those chasing Alice and discover why they value her so highly, all while trying to reunite her with her family as the earthquakes around the world grow worse.


A fast-paced adventure … This post-apocalyptic novel will appeal to fans across genres, and the resoundingly hopeful conclusion is a welcome message


A convincing apocalyptic scenario

Publishers Weekly

Cleverly written, with sci-fi concepts that are accessible to nonreaders of the genre. Fans of Andy Weir and Blake Crouch will enjoy the wit and action

Booklist on Emily Eternal

A fast-paced, engrossing novel that explores the possibility of being able to exist away from our home planet

Library Journal on Emily Eternal

Fast-paced chase scenes, double-crosses, and the pall of imminent doom propel [this] coming-of-age story

Kirkus Reviews on Emily Eternal

A remarkably clever and engrossing novel from former journalist Wheaton

Financial Times on Emily Eternal

Mark Wheaton

Starting out working in a computer factory, Mark Wheaton took his first steps into writing as a journalist for movie magazines such as Total Film and SFX. Since then he has written for video games, comic books, HBO, Sony and the Disney Channel, and worked with filmmakers such as Sam Raimi and Michael Bay. He is the author of Fields of Wrath, City of Strangers and Wages of Sin, and of Emily Eternal under the pseudonym M.G.

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