The Quiet Woman
by Priscilla Masters

Nurse Florence Shaw is baffled when a quiet patient dies in an apparent suicide pact with her husband. Can she uncover the truth behind this mysterious woman?

Richard and Christine Clay have been married for decades. Their relationship has stood the test of time despite Christine appearing passive while her husband is unmistakably dominant – at times bullying and controlling.

Nurse Florence Shaw has seen Christine at the surgery a number of times with minor complaints over the past year, none of which has led to a serious diagnosis. But when Florence hears that the couple appear to have entered into a suicide pact, she is shocked, though not surprised that Richard has survived. Was Christine’s death really a suicide, or was there more to this quiet woman than meets the eye?


“As quiet, deft, and professional as an effective medical procedure”

Kirkus Reviews

“A captivating tale”

Kirkus Reviews on Undue Influence

“A riveting police procedural focusing on guilt, frustration, and the many varieties of love”

Kirkus Reviews on Almost a Whisper

“An excellent choice for those who enjoy intricately plotted British mysteries”

Booklist on Almost a Whisper

“Fans of traditional police procedurals will find a lot to like”

Publishers Weekly on Almost a Whisper

“An absorbing, character-driven police procedural with some provocative twists”

Kirkus Reviews on Blood on the Rocks

Priscilla Masters

Priscilla Masters is the author of the successful ‘Martha Gunn’ series, as well as the ‘Joanna Piercy’ novels and a series of medical mysteries featuring Dr Claire Roget. She lives near the Shropshire/Staffordshire border.

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