Ukulele of Death
by E. J. Copperman

Meet Fran and Ken Stein – a private investigator duo who refuse to let a little thing like being not entirely human stop them from doing their jobs.

“Twisty and bonkers and fun” Multi award-winning author Catriona McPherson

After losing their parents when they were just babies, private investigators Fran and Ken Stein now specialize in helping adoptees find their birth parents. So when a client asks them for help finding her father, with her only clue a rare ukulele, the case is a little weird, sure, but it’s nothing they can’t handle.

But soon Fran and her brother are plunged into a world where nothing makes sense – and not just the fact that a very short (but very cute) NYPD detective keeps trying to take eternal singleton Fran out on dates.

All Fran wants to do is find the ukulele and collect their fee, but it’s hard to keep your focus when you’re stumbling over corpses and receiving messages that suggest your (dead) parents are very much alive.

Ukuleles aside, it’s becoming clear that someone knows something they shouldn’t – that Fran and Ken Stein weren’t so much born, as built . . .

The Ukulele of Death is the first in a new series of light-hearted, paranormal tinged mysteries that are filled with off-beat humor, heart and the wry wisdom that’s E.J. Copperman’s signature style.


With unique, larger-than-life characters (literally), and an outlandish premise, this one
may appeal to Janet Evanovich fans


“Loads of fun . . . zips along at a fast and furious pace”

Publishers Weekly

“With an enjoyable mix of sci-fi and mystery elements, Copperman’s latest features an intriguing and likable pair of detectives”

Library Journal

“Twisty and bonkers and fun”

Multi award-winning author Catriona McPherson on The Ukulele of Death

“Sprightly characters and smart dialogue drive the plot . . . Those seeking pure escapist fare will be delighted”

Publishers Weekly on And Justice For Mall

“Copperman has [zaniness] on tap for his latest dose of legal mayhem”

Kirkus Reviews on And Justice For Mall

“Copperman knows how to entertain”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Witness for the Persecution

“Crafty and zany, with a well-clued solution”

Kirkus Reviews on Witness for the Persecution

“Readers who enjoy streetwise protagonists and intelligent courtroom scenes will appreciate Copperman’s latest”

Library Journal on Witness for the Persecution

“Terrific ... This breezy book is a pure pleasure to read”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Judgment at Santa Monica

E. J. Copperman

E.J. Copperman is the nom de plume for Jeff Cohen, writer of intentionally funny murder mysteries. As E.J., he writes the Haunted Guesthouse and Agent to the Paws series, as well as the Jersey Girl Legal mysteries and the brand-new Fran & Ken Stein mysteries; as Jeff, he writes the Double Feature and Aaron Tucker series; and he collaborates with himself on the Samuel Hoenig Asperger’s mysteries. A New Jersey native, E.J. worked as a newspaper reporter, teacher, magazine editor and screenwriter, before his first book was published to critical acclaim in 2002. In his spare time, Jeff is an extremely amateur guitar player, a fan of Major League Baseball, a couch potato and a teacher of screenwriting at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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