Whatever the Cost
by Michael Kurland

Counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker is on a special mission to find a group of scientists who could change the course of World War II in this smartly written historical espionage thriller.

September 1939. Germany has declared war on Poland, and in German Pomerania, Professor Josef Brun is on the run from the SS, carrying secret documents that could change the course of the war. If he can make it to France or Britain. If he can survive . . .

In America, counter-intelligence agent Captain Jacob Welker is handed a special assignment from President Roosevelt. Einstein believes the Nazis are aware of a new super weapon made possible by advances in atomic science, and only a small group of scientists can stop them winning the race to develop it. Enlisting the help of his British friends, Lord Geoffrey and Patricia Saboy, Welker must find the scientists and get them out of Germany from under the Nazi’s noses. As a dangerous new world of physics gathers pace, can Welker prevent the war taking a catastrophic new turn?


Suspenseful … Kurland expertly weaves Saboy’s sometimes madcap antics into Welker’s serious work without betraying the rules of a good espionage novel. Readers will eagerly await the next in the series

Publishers Weekly

A delightfully daft romp in which the Saboys do most of the sleuthing, combining banter and booze in a manner that suggests Nick and Nora with a splash of Noel Coward and a nod toward Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence


This thoroughly involving thriller stands proudly alongside Dan Fesperman's The Letter Writer (2016), Elmore Leonard's Up in Honey's Room (2007), and John Dunning's Two O'Clock, Eastern Wartime (2001), among others. Great stuff

Booklist Starred Review of The Bells of Hell

An inherently riveting and deftly crafted political suspense/thriller of a novel by a master of the genre

Midwest Book Review on The Bells of Hell

Don't miss this entry in the smartly structured historical series

Library Journal on Who Thinks Evil

An entertaining farrago

Kirkus Reviews on Who Thinks Evil

This latest in Kurland's novels about the notorious Professor Moriarty makes for fun reading. Calling Moriarty the hero of these books might stretch the meaning of hero ... but he's a fine sleuth and sure makes for a compelling protagonist. Splendid stuff

Booklist on Who Thinks Evil

The fourth Moriarty novel by the prolific Kurland carries forward the never-ending franchise with authentic flavor

Kirkus Reviews on The Empress of India

Lots of Indian lore adds colorful background to this "seemingly impossible crime," before its satisfying resolution

Publishers Weekly on The Empress of India

Michael Kurland

A native of New York City now living on California’s Central Coast, Michael Kurland served four years in a branch of Army Intelligence, both in the United States and in Europe. He is the author of over forty books, ranging from fantasy to mystery. He has been nominated for the Edgar award twice, for A Plague of Spies and The Infernal Device, the latter of which was also an American Book Award finalist. The first title in the Welker & Saboy series, The Bells of Hell, is also published by Severn House.

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