There are two versions of the Severn House icon: one standalone and one which appears in a roundel. Both versions can appear with ‘Severn House’ as text in our brand typeface.

In each case, the S can be Severn House blue, teal, black, or white. The H can be black or white. The text can be Severn House blue, teal, black, or white.

Check our logo guidelines PDF for more information on logo usage.

BRand ColoUrs


R: 0; G: 70; B: 173
C: 100%; M: 70%; Y: 0%; K: 4%
Pantone 293


R: 0; G: 198; B: 215
C: 60%; M: 0%; Y: 14%; K: 0%
Pantone 3115

House Fonts

We have two house fonts: Albertus and Gill Sans.

Typically, Albertus should be used for headings only (it is also the typeface in the Severn House logo), while Gill Sans should be used for setting body copy.

Albertus is a glyphic serif display typeface designed by Berthold Wolpe in the period 1932 to 1940 for the British branch of the printing company Monotype.

Gill Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Eric Gill and released by the British branch of Monotype from 1928 onwards.

EMAIL signatures

There is an automatic signature maker by Canongate. Severn House staff should follow the instructions there to create an email signature.


A4 Letterhead

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