Antiques Liquidation
by Barbara Allan

Trouble’s on the wind when an auctioneer turns up dead in the new Trash ‘n’ Treasures cozy mystery – “one of the funniest cozy series going” (Ellery Queen Magazine)

Two o’clock in the morning is the perfect time to be asleep. So when long-suffering Brandy Borne is rudely awoken by her eccentric mother, Vivian, and invited on a surreptitious shopping trip, the idea is less than tempting.

But if Vivian – Serenity’s true-crime writing, septuagenarian super-sleuth – has a nose for sniffing out antiques, Brandy’s sense of smell is just as good . . . and trouble’s on the wind.

A little light blackmail and one run-in with the police later, and Brandy and Vivian are the ‘proud’ owners of a selection of dead stock, liberated ahead of an upcoming warehouse sale from unsavory auctioneer Conrad Norris. Brandy’s not convinced there’s a fortune to be made in vintage toys, retro plates and pearl buttons – there’s more mileage in their shop’s new Halloween display, even though it’s only August – but she supposes it could be worse.

It soon is. After the auction’s taken place, Vivian and Brandy make an unnerving discovery. It’s not just the stock that’s dead – so is the auctioneer . . .

This light-hearted, laugh-out-loud cozy mystery also features Brandy and Vivian’s humorous tips for buying and selling antiques, along with a selection of tasty recipes.


This humorous cozy with its multiple plot twists is framed by close family relationships, a lovingly detailed setting, and information about antiques

Booklist on Antiques Carry On

Vivian and Brandy share narrative duties, and their amusing commentary provides much of the book’s appeal. Allan consistently entertains

Publishers Weekly on Antiques Carry On

Delightfully quirky . . . For those fond of feel-good cozies, Allan delivers

Publishers Weekly on Antiques Fire Sale

The usual mix of humor, detection, and flamboyant personalities adds sparkle

Kirkus Reviews on Antiques Fire Sale

One of the best in Allan’s long-running series, which is always humorous and full of tips for antiques hunters

Kirkus Reviews on Antiques Ravin’

Fans of J.C. Eaton’s “Sophie Kimball” books may want to try this series

Library Journal on Antiques Ravin’

This humorous cozy – with its well-drawn, quirky characters – is a hoot

Booklist on Antiques Ravin’

Barbara Allan

Barbara Allan is the joint pseudonym of husband-and-wife mystery writers, Barbara and Max Allan Collins. Barbara is an acclaimed short-story writer, and Max is multi-award-winning New York Times bestselling novelist and Mystery Writers of America Grand Master. Their previous collaborations have included one son, a short story collection, and the long-running Trash ‘n’ Treasures mystery series. They live in Muscatine, Iowa – their Serenity-esque hometown – in a house filled with trash and treasures.

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