At Death’s Window
by Jim Kelly

A Shaw & Valentine mystery

When a body is discovered beneath the waves off Scolt Head Island, the contents of the dead man’s pockets lead Detective Inspector Peter Shaw to suspect an outbreak of ‘samphire wars’: a turf battle for control of the prized sea asparagus which sells for a small fortune along the affluent North Norfolk coast. Or does the killer merely want it to look that way?

Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant George Valentine is investigating a series of break-ins targeted at wealthy second-home owners. And a lethal strain of adulterated cocaine is flooding the streets of nearby Lynn, leaving devastation in its wake.

Then the second body is found – and the simmering tensions underpinning this remote coastal community come bursting into the open … with devastating consequences.


“Darkly atmospheric, fast-paced, and involving”


“Kelly’s superior fifth Shaw and Valentine police procedural”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“To describe this book as a police procedural does not do it justice at all. The author presents a loving portrayal of the maritime community of Lynn and its surrounding villages, churches and even its graveyards, but it is the seascape along the North Norfolk coast that gets most of the attention, making it almost a living presence.”

Gloria Feit, Reviewer


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