Catch Your Death
by Lissa Marie Redmond

An atmospheric mystery sees Cold Case Detective Lauren Riley trapped within a hotel during a snowstorm with the prime suspects in an unsolved murder seventeen years earlier . . . and her partner is one of them.

When Cold Case Detective Lauren Riley’s partner, Shane Reese, runs into an old friend, he’s invited to a school reunion at a new luxury spa and resort. Lauren’s also invited and it sounds like a perfect weekend getaway, except it brings up painful memories for Reese – like the unsolved murder of his high school friend Jessica Toakese seventeen years earlier.

The prime suspects will be at the reunion. Among those suspects is Reese, who has kept his involvement a secret from Lauren and the entire police force. As the friends reminisce an intense snowstorm traps them inside and tensions rise. After a heated confrontation, one of the party is brutally murdered and Lauren believes it’s connected to Jessica’s death.

But who could the murderer be: the jealous husband; the regretful trophy wife; the abused failed actor; the true crime podcast host; the drunken louse; the insecure millionaire; the desperate spa owner . . . or the Cold Case detective?


“The partners dance around their powerful feelings in a stunning Irish landscape, making this far more than an ordinary procedural”

Kirkus Reviews Starred Review of The Parting Glass

“This engrossing procedural builds to an unexpected outcome. Redmond reliably entertains”

Publishers Weekly on The Parting Glass

“Newcomers who enjoy cold cases can appreciate this mystery and the scenic Irish locale”

Library Journal on The Parting Glass

“Fans of police procedurals will want to read all in the series after this compelling, twisted story”

Library Journal Starred Review of A Full Cold Moon

“On the mark as a police procedural, humanized by Riley’s enigmatic relationship with former partner Shane Reese, and enhanced by its Icelandic setting”

Booklist on A Full Cold Moon

“A prime character-driven procedural with the added allure of Iceland”

Kirkus Reviews on A Full Cold Moon

Lissa Marie Redmond

Lissa Marie Redmond is a former cold case homicide detective for the Buffalo Police Department. After twenty-two years on the force she retired to pursue a “normal” life and used her experience to write the Cold Case Investigation mystery series starring Lauren Riley.

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