Collision Course
by Matt Hilton

Private investigator Tess Grey feels duty bound to help when the missing girl she has been asked to find becomes involved a high-stakes case of extortion.

Private investigator Tess Grey’s latest case involves tracking down Hayley Cameron, a young girl who has fled after discovering that she was adopted. Tess, aided by her fiancé Po Villere, traces Hayley to the apartment of Madison Toner – one of Hayley’s college friends – in Bangor, Maine.

Despite Tess’s pleas, Hayley refuses to return to her adoptive mother. Both Tess and Po believe there’s more to her running away than it seems, especially when they see Madison’s father bloodied and beaten. Concerned for Hayley’s well-being, they conduct a stake-out.

When thugs turn up to extort Madison and Hayley, Tess and Po feel duty bound to get involved. But what are the girls embroiled in? Who are after them and to what lengths will they go? Tess and Po don’t know it yet, but events are about to grow deadly.


Hard-boiled but soft-hearted … Readers will hope Tess and Po will be back soon

Publishers Weekly

A riotous action read, luring readers into cheering when Po has a scumbag at his mercy and exclaims, "I've only just gotten started with you."


Action galore. The circular firing squad that ends the tale and several characters is a particularly nice touch

Kirkus Reviews

Points of view shifts ratchet up the suspense, and shifting alliances and motives keep the reader alert . . . A gripping crime story

Publishers Weekly on Rough Justice

Crack! Pow! Ouch! Repeat as needed

Kirkus Reviews on Rough Justice

Hilton provides a doozy of a wham-bam finale. A high-energy fifth thriller . . . Fans will eagerly await their next adventure

Publishers Weekly on False Move

A satisfyingly slow building tension leading to a satisfactorily violent finale

Booklist on False Move

A beautifully constructed and written suspenser

Booklist on Worst Fear

A fast-paced, terrifying, free-for-all finale . . . That Tess and Po always prevail when they kick butt is part of this series' appeal

Publishers Weekly on Worst Fear

Matt Hilton

Matt Hilton worked for twenty-three years in private security and the police force in Cumbria. He is a 4th Dan blackbelt and coach in Ju-Jitsu. He is the author of thirteen novels in the Joe Hunter series, and ten in the Grey & Villere thrillers.

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