Cover Up
by Patricia Hall

Kate O’Donnell and her police sergeant partner, Harry Barnard enter dangerous waters when they uncover evidence of a top-level conspiracy.

On a busy Friday night in 1964, a woman’s partially clothed body is discovered in London’s Soho Square. She has been raped and strangled. With no one reported missing, her identity remains a mystery. Assuming the victim to be a prostitute, DCI Jackson is inclined to dismiss the case. Detective Sergeant Harry Barnard disagrees.

Harry’s partner Kate meanwhile has been despatched to her native Liverpool to work on a magazine feature about the city’s remarkable regeneration, timed to coincide with the release of the Beatles’ movie, A Hard Day’s Night.

As Harry’s investigations point to evidence of a cover-up at the highest level, Kate’s assignment leads her to uncover a darker side to 1960s’ Liverpool – and a possible link to the Soho murder victim. Are she and Harry getting into something too deep and dangerous for them to handle?


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Ebook97817801086741st June 2017N/A208$6.99
Ebook97817801086741st June 2017N/A208£4.99
Hardback - Large Print978072789374131st August 2018142 X 222mm288$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072789374130th June 2018142 X 222mm288£22.99
Paperback97818475180331st May 2019140 X 215mm208$17.95
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Patricia Hall

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