Deep Waters
by Patricia Hall

A past crime causes new murder in the latest intriguing Kate O’Donnell mystery

1964. Detective Sergeant Harry Barnard has been ordered to track down notorious Soho club owner Ray Robertson, who hasn’t been seen for several days. The case takes on a greater urgency when a battered body is discovered at the gym Ray owns. Is Ray the killer … or is he a victim?

Photographer Kate O’Donnell meanwhile is working on a feature about the regeneration of Canvey Island, finally being rebuilt after the devastating East Coast floods of 1953. But as Kate and Harry are about to discover, the Canvey Island floods, the murder and Ray Robertson’s disappearance are connected in more ways than one …


“O’Donnell and Barnard are a compelling couple—independent, yet devoted”


Patricia Hall

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Deep Waters by Patricia Hall is available in the following formats

Hardback *97807278860571st July 2016144 X 225mm208$28.99
Hardback *978072788605731st March 2016144 X 225mm208£20.99
Ebook97817801076841st July 2016N/A208$6.99
Ebook97817801076841st July 2016N/A208£4.99
Hardback - Large Print978072789503528th February 2017144 X 222mm320$36.95
Hardback - Large Print978072789503530th December 2016144 X 222mm320£23.99
Paperback978184751707431st January 2017140 X 215mm208£12.99
Paperback978184751707431st January 2017140 X 215mm208£13.99
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